The Arts Council’s Mission Statement: Our mission is to improve the quality of life for all citizens by being a hub for artistic experiences that enrich, educate, and entertain the citizens of Wilson County and beyond.

From the Arts Council of Wilson’s Core Beliefs:

We believe that creativity is for everyone. We believe the arts and creativity are for everyone. In fact, the ability to be creative is what makes us human, and it is our duty to encourage creativity and combat perceptions about the arts being for the wealthy population or for those that are “talented.” There are endless possibilities to engage in creative activity through all five senses.

We believe the arts improve a person’s health. We believe the arts have a positive impact on mood and lower stress levels. Creativity is an exercise in mindfulness, bringing one to the present moment. In a culture where mental health is an issue, the arts are good medicine and a key component of a well society.

We believe the arts prepare participants for the work force. Our programs, particularly ACT! for Youth, teach participants important life skills such as teamwork, adaptability, resiliency, marketing, leadership, creative problem solving, public speaking, timeliness, organization, resource management, and technical skills. Auditions develop presentation and promotional skills. Studies show that the arts have a positive short term impact on academics and build a similar skill set to competitive team sports, transferrable to countless real-world settings.

We believe the arts bring people together. Creating can be a personal and private experience that translates ideas and opinions to others. Public art unifies communities through identity development and beautification. Performances and exhibits showcase perspectives and promote conversations through shared experiences.

We believe the arts drive economic development. Performing and visual arts attract businesses, visitors and residents to a community, increasing its richness and opportunities for all. The cultural arts contribute to a high quality of life, which also drives business growth and neighborhood expansion. Artists are entrepreneurs. Arts and business complement one another.

We believe that the arts strengthen communities. We believe that our community is greater than the sum of its parts. As the hub for creative activity, we collaborate with all industries to build synergy and convey a unifying, motivating message and meaningful experiences to all citizens.