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Maundy Thursday Update – April 9, 2020

The Worship On Demand Maundy Thursday liturgy from St. Timothy’s Episcopal Church, Wilson NC. has three parts that flow from one to another within this playlist. The first is Evening Prayer with the lections, psalm and canticles for Maundy Thursday read by parish members . The second is a homily by The Rev. Dr. William Carl Thomas, Interim Rector. The third is an Online Communion with Christ Holy Eucharist.

Download a PDF of the Maundy Thursday Evening Prayer and Communion Liturgy.

This video leads directly to the homily and is then followed by the Online Communion With Christ Video

Holy Wednesday Update – April 8, 2020

The Way of the Cross: Join youthful voices of our Episcopal Youth Community (EYC) in a prayer that recalls the story of Jesus as he makes love known on the cross. We used a ZOOM meeting during this time of social distancing to record the audio track. Feel free to pause the video to ponder the artwork.

April 5, 2020 – Update

Worship On Demand
for The Sunday of the Passion: Palm Sunday

Click on the red box to download a PDF of the bulletin

Watch the following videos in sequential order by clicking here.

The Liturgy of the Palms

The Sermon by The Rev. Dr. William Carl Thomas

Holy Week Online Eucharist (Communion with Christ Prayer)

The Passion of Our Lord Jesus Christ in parts by the Vestry

The Washington National Cathedral offers a live streamed liturgy at 11:00 am and can be found on Youtube

For those who would like a smaller church themed live stream worship, I recommend St. Mark’s Episcopal Church, Mystic CT (Yes, where my son Adam is the rector). This worship begins at 9:00 am on Youtube.

April 3, 2020 – Update

To the Faithful at St. Timothy’s Episcopal Church,

This update looks primarily at the Worship On Demand opportunities for St. Timothy’s as we continue the life giving discipline of social distancing. 

The Worship Services section of the St. Timothy’s website is the place to check for The Sunday of the Passion: Palm Sunday Worship On Demand (meaning you choose what part of worship you want to experience at a time of your choosing). Here you’ll find:

  1. The Liturgy of the Palms as found on pages 270-272
    1. Edna Marie joins me as we pray this liturgy in front of our house during this video. The palms (or graphics of palms – see below) and other greenery are placed where the neighbors can see them.
  2. My sermon where I preach using as a backdrop the stained glass window with the renderings of Jesus greeted with palms upon arriving in Jerusalem, Jesus in the Garden of Gethsemane, and Jesus on the cross.
  3. The Online Communion Video.
  4. The Passion of Our Lord Jesus Christ from the Gospel according to Matthew. Your vestry recorded the parts using ZOOM. The visuals come from stations of the cross artwork as well as our own stained glass windows.

REGARDING PALMS: There will not be a distribution of palms as directed by our bishops. The Diocese of North Carolina has prepared a useful resource that allows you to download and print a graphic that you can color. Click on PALMS to find this resource as well as read the directive of our bishops. 

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March 27, 2020 – Update

To the Faithful at St. Timothy’s Episcopal Church,

While our buildings may be closed, our hearts are open! This is evident by the number of phone calls our vestry has made to members of the parish. As well as by the insight and recommendation of the Finance Committee to the Vestry to send $5000 to feed folks during the evening through SpOt (Sharing…Positive…Outcomes…Together). The Vestry approved this recommendation that lives into the SpOt ideal. You can help with your own donation. Just go to to make a donation. And thank you to those who have contacted Courtney Griffin ( or 252-289-0464) about purchasing an Easter Lily. More information within the March 25th Update.

Worship for this Sunday within the confines of social distancing is offered to the St. Timothy’s community by your priest through an offering you can find for the Fifth Sunday in Lent – March 29, 2020 at these links:

  1. Morning Prayer Liturgy of Word for PDF download with the Sunday scripture
  2. A musical interlude that features Dexter Ruffin playing Be Thou My Vision on the organ with a visual tour of the stained glass windows.
  3. A sermon that I videoed in the sanctuary using the Psalm 130 from the 5 Lent scriptures.
  4. The Online Communion video (many of you remarked the choir of birds!)
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March 25, 2020 Update

Easter Lily Orders…

In keeping with our tradition of giving lilies at Easter time and to continue our support of Williams Plant Farm, we are ordering lilies again this year. For those who participate there will be a list on our St. Timothy’s website indicating who gave the lilies and to whom they are given in memory of / thanksgiving for.  The lilies will either be delivered to you or will be given to Parkwood Village or Spring Arbor for the people there to enjoy.  The lilies will have two stems and are $25.00 – the same as last year. 

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March 22, 2020 Update

To the Faithful of St. Timothy’s Episcopal Church,

I have prepared a video that is now on YouTube for you to access at a convenient time with the following theme:

An Online Expression of the Holy Eucharist with a form of Morning Prayer as the Liturgy of the Word and an expression of the Liturgy of the Table  using the Prayer B and the prayer for Communion with Christ.

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