St. Timothy’s conducts an annual Stewardship campaign during which parishioners are asked to pledge their financial support. The Stewardship Committee, comprising Vestry members, Finance Committee, and parishioners, assembles each fall to write letters to fellow parishioners and seek their pledge. The rector traditionally provides spiritual leadership for this campaign. The objective is to complete the pledge solicitation by the late fall so that the new budget is prepared prior to the Annual Vestry Retreat in January. In addition to the annual commitment, parishioners often contribute flowers, memorial gifts, and to mission causes for the church. Our Operating Performance over the past ten years has averaged $377,000 in pledges, while expenses averaged $360,000, generating an average $17,000 surplus available for capital improvements, unforeseen expenses, and the endowments. Pledges have risen by 36 percent over this time. St. Timothy’s is fortunate to have sizable endowments of both restricted and non-restricted funds available for budget deficits in economic lean years and for capital improvements and special projects. The Vestry strives to run a balanced budget annually and expects to continue this practice. This budget currently includes a line item for outreach for varied community obligations. Our Faith in Action projects generate more than an estimated $20,000 through endeavors such as the ECW Bake Sale, Lobster Sale, Carriage House Breakfast, food drives, and Angel Tree, all outside the official budget. The Finance Committee meets monthly to guide the Vestry with respect to financial policies and monitors the performance of the church’s investment accounts.