Kristine Daynes,

The Episcopal Church Women (ECW) are dedicated to sharing the good news of our Lord Jesus Christ by engaging in worship, prayer, study, service and fellowship. Any woman who is  a member of the Episcopal Church automatically belongs to ECW. The extent to which a woman is involved in ECW activity is up to her.

As a longtime women’s ministry within the Episcopal Church, USA, ECW is structured much as the church is structured. There is a national office, a provincial office (Province IV in the case of North Carolina), and a diocesan office followed by parish “branches.” At all levels, the ECW maintains tight affiliations with the Altar Guild, Church Periodical Club, Church Women United, and United Thank Offering, related national church organizations also led by women.

Vacant, Christian Formation Coordinator

The Episcopal Youth Community (EYC) at St. Timothy’s serves to offer guidance in the development and maintenance of the youth programs at the church.  Members of the commission include the Youth Minister, adult youth leaders, youth leaders from the church, and vestry liaisons.  Youth programs encompass activities geared towards the youth of the church, 6th grade through 12th grade.  These programs include weekly EYC and annual youth worship services, retreats, fundraisers, mission trips, and diocesan events. Visit EYC’s website at http://eyc.sttimothyswilson.org.