God’s Mission and our Vision Goals

St. Timothy’s is a Christian community, welcoming to all, that nurtures worship, prayer, study, fellowship and service. Our members seek to know God’s love and to extend the kindness and generosity of Christ to those around us. We value the liturgy of Episcopal worship, and we are open to a diversity of ideas as we grow on the Christian journey. We are committed to our spiritual development as individuals and to the vibrancy of the parish as a whole. With new leadership, our aim is to attract, inspire and educate our youth through meaningful discussion, play, and music. We strive to engage parishioners of all ages and backgrounds so that together we may experience the supportive and healing love of God in Christ. Moreover, we wish to be builders of community. Through service to others, we will continue to nurture our personal bonds and strengthen our connection with God and the world around us.

We practice our faith in community and individual worship and serve God by serving others, including those who are not members of our church. As we strive to live the life we are called to as children of God, we look to the grace of God to sustain and bless our efforts to spread the good news of the Kingdom in word and deed.