A skilled communicator and educator. We seek a personable and dynamic rector who will galvanize our members and drive the growth of our programs. He/she needs to demonstrate a true interest in the youth of the parish and be able to connect joyfully with our families on a personal level.

An intuitive leader. We are searching for a rector who will provide inclusive and empathic pastoral care. We expect that he/she will honor Episcopal tradition and offer thoughtful interpretations of Scripture that will make God’s word relevant to us in our culture and time.

An ambassador to the community. We hope that our future rector will energetically engage the parish and the wider community in order to facilitate St. Timothy’s goal of broadening its sphere of service. In this role the rector must have vision and also be receptive to suggestions and collaboration.

The Rev. Dr. William Carl Thomas, Interim Rector of St. Timothy’s Episcopal Church, Wilson NC (12/2019 – 07/2020) offers his observations about why an Episcopal Priest discerning a call to a new ministry might take a deep look at St. Timothy’s.