St. Timothy’s Church in Wilson has been in transition since our Rector, Reverend Doctor Marty Stebbins, left in the fall of 2019 to become the Bishop of Montana.

Some of us involved in the current calling are new to the process, while others recount vividly the circumstances of prior transitions. While we celebrate the new ministry of Bishop Marty, some of us have struggled with her absence, while others look more easily toward the future. Regardless of our starting place on this journey, we now join together after much prayer and discussion in search of a new Rector. This transition has provided us with the opportunity to reflect on who we are as a faith community and as followers of Jesus Christ. We look forward to the transformative experience that new leadership may bring to our spiritual lives. We hope this narrative helps you understand who we are and where we hope to journey with our new Rector.

We have titled this narrative “I am St. Timothy’s”.